About Dorianne

Dorianne Emmerton

Photo by Evan Schultz

She writes literary short stories, plays, screenplays, erotic short fiction, and sometimes non-fiction too. She grew up in small town northern Ontario and via a number of baby steps she managed to fulfill her goal of living in Toronto in an apartment with a deck and a cat. One of those baby steps was a degree in Theatre and Drama Studies/Diploma in Acting from University of Toronto Erindale Campus/Sheridan College, which is to say she spent some time living in Mississauga. The suburbs do not suit her. However this background also speaks to her love of theatre and she manages her current habit by reviewing for Mooney On Theatre.

She was in the 2010 Diaspora Dialogues writing mentorship program where she benefited greatly from the guidance of Martin Mordecai. You can see her own Diaspora Dialogues profile here. Previously, she was a host on the Sex City show on CIUT. 

You can follow Dorianne on twitter where she calls herself headonist. You can contact her using the form below (comments are hidden on the site, it will not appear publicly.)


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