Erotic Short Fiction

Dorianne writes erotica under the mononym “Dorianne” and believes that the world has advanced enough that she doesn’t have to pretend she doesn’t write erotica for her literary fiction to be taken seriously. Or at least she hopes so.

Like Lights in the Northern Sky
Valentina travels to the far north of Canada, looking to find her place in the world. Johnny and Lisa, married for a long time, run the lodge where she is staying. Johnny and Valentina find themselves drawn to each other and Lisa’s feelings about this are not what Valentina expects. Published in Best Women’s Erotica of the Year, Volume 2.

Gravy Boat
Mandy finds a magic lamp in a junk shop and asks the Djinn (genie) to provide the perfect lover her. But her desires are specific and unusual; it may be too much for even magic to provide. Published in August 2014 on (pay site).

High School Was Ages Ago
Peggy doesn’t expect what transpires when her current girlfriend meets her old high school boyfriend. Published on Met Another Frog.

Road Work
Lizzie secretly likes it when men working construction pay her attention. One of them in particular has caught her eye and she’s about to discover a broader interpretation of what a man might be. Read by invitation at the former erotica reading series ORAL and at the also former event Granny Boots, Pride edition in June of 2011, and published in Issue 2 of Up & Coming Magazine.

Santa Porn
Sarah’s working at the mall’s Christmas Village for some extra cash but Santa wants to give her a gift after all the children go home. Published on Met Another Frog. 

Neighbourly Relations
When Erika has boring sex with her downstairs neighbour’s friend, who then brags to everyone about it, she throws down the gauntlet, daring him to make her come in full view of all his friends, including her neighbour. Published in Best Women’s Erotica 2012 by Cleis Press.

The Good Samaritan
Jenny, Marlene and Dan are tired of just watching their neighbours argue, then make up, then make love: they want in on the action. Published in the Mammoth Book Of Threesomes and Moresomes, edited by Linda Alvarez, published by Running Press.

Office Politics
There’s a new face at the morning manager’s meeting. Raquel doesn’t want to compromise her professional decorum but she finds this new face very handsome. Published in the inaugeral edition of Lover magazine.

The Story of Lily and Laurel
Laurel writes erotica and sends it to her friend Lily to read.It all seems very innocent until one of Laurel’s story seems to feature Lily in a leading role. Published in the now-defunct Toronto-based queer sex magazine SMUT.

In the Bungalow’s Basement
Shelley went down to the basement to bring up the Christmas decorations. She had no way of knowing her basement was haunted by kinky ghosts. Read by invitation at SexlifeCanada‘s one year anniversary party at Granny Boots night in March of 2010.


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