Literary Short Fiction

Dorianne writes short fiction in a variety of styles and genres.

Inside The Spiral
Bobby’s genderqueer, Bobby’s in love with Derek, and Bobby’s about to stumble upon some sex magick that complicates both. Will be published in Spring 2018 in Nevertheless (Tesseracts 21), the newest edition of the Canadian literary legacy series from EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing.

The Mating Habits of the Late Adopting Smoke
It’s not a smart decision to pick up the nasty habit of smoking, and Anna is in her late twenties, old enough to know better. But she hasn’t slept for months, and her body is undergoing odd changes. The only appetite she has left are for things that are unhealthy – or unspeakable. Published in  Ink Stains Volume 7: Decay, January 31, 2018, by Dark Alley Press. 

Cyborg’s Lament
Thousands of years ago, humans accidentally created the Cy. There was a war that almost destroyed the planet, then some years of peace before the humans left to colonize other parts of the universe. Now Samza is travelling alone through space, trying to find the descendants of her ancestors, and encountering an odd two-dimensional life form on the way. This is the novella that accompanies the album of the same name by Saturnfly.

Ada, Alone
This short story about heartbreak, was published in February 2014 by Incendies, a feminist magazine out of York University. It is available online. 

Battle of the Brunches
Two women pit brunch spots in the West end against those in the East; but are these meals dates or not? How can Susan be sure that Mandy is some sort of queer so that she can let her attraction be known? Published in Beer And Butter Tarts, Issue #1 (Stained Pages Press) December 2013.

A Series of Tubes
Martika is a troll, antagonizing anonymous strangers in cyberspace. She loves the internet more than she loves her boring, schoolwork-dominated life. Strange things happen when these two worlds collide.  Published in October 2013 in the Friend. Follow Text. Anthology.  Available on Amazon and at various bookstores. If you’re in Toronto, why not pick it up at the fabulous Glad Day Bookshop?

The Sad Saga of the War Vet
An experimental short story about genocide and pigeons. Published by Empty Sink in Issue #2 of their online magazine, December 2013.

Barista Knows Best
The barista at the coffee shop thinks she can tell when two people are on an internet date but she may not be right in this case. Published in the Spring 2013 issue of S/TICK, and available to read on their website.

A Day By The Lake
A pubescent girl has an horrifying experience, but she gets her revenge in her adolescence. Published in Zhush Redux, available at Glad Day Bookshop or can be ordered online at the OUTwrites site.

You Scar Me So Blue
Appears in Little Bird Stories Volume II. This anthology was edited by Zsuzsi Gartner who says You Scar Me So Blue “has a lovely touch of mystery to it and is deliciously off-kilter while completely believable in its depiction of human yearning.” You can read it by purchasing a lifetime subscription to the Little Bird Series for only $25.

Personal Treasures
The woman behind Toronto’s biggest tragedies tells her tale. Published in the Spring 2011 edition of the Diaspora Dialogues anthology TOK: Writing the New City – Book 6. Dorianne Read an excerpt at  Toronto Word On The Street in September 2012.

Lost in Love and Space
Written for – and won! – Open Book Toronto‘s February 2011 Flash Fiction Challenge! The parameters were: Use setting to bring a foreign land or a new world alive and include a romantic theme, 500 words maximum. Read the story here.

Rejoyce Rejoyce The End Is Nigh
An experimental short story about the end of the world, sodomy and James Joyce’s Ulysses. Published in the February 2011 issue of The Mad Hatter’s Review.

My Atomic Heart
Maybe loving Tonya will help her love Richard more. Or maybe it will all blow up in her face. You never know until you try. Published in the The Fence Issue 7, 2006.

Going Underground
A story about disillusionment and sewers. Published 2000 in University of Toronto’s Cantos Cadre.

Women I’ve Loved
A man dates a series of women, looking for someone he is unable to hurt. Published in Pen my hand word my mouth, a collection of work from students in  Rosemary Sullivan’s creative writing intensive, 2000.


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