Being a theatre school graduate, Dorianne has a fondness for the stage.

Obscuring Jude
A  darkly comic exploration of a deeply troubled woman’s psyche. She is experiencing pseudocyesis (false pregnancy) despite not having engaged in any activities involving semen recently. She contemplates what she believes to be a miraculous conception, and her plans for motherhood, in the process revealing hints about her past. Produced September 28, 2013 as part of Gay Play Day.

Doing Shakespeare
If all the world’s a stage, Benny and Mina just want to hide out in the wings for a while. But when their Shakespearean and sexual fantasies suddenly begin showing up in their apartment, hiding doesn’t seem to be an option anymore. . .  Produced by Looking Glass Theatre, NYC as partof their Writer/Director Forum festival of new works, 2006.

The Account
Unravelling the story of an injustice in reverse chronology. Written for, and produced by, the Rhubarb Director’s Lab, Buddies In Bad Times Theatre, 2003.

A Controversy of Three
The last three women on earth live the only way they know how: as a nuclear family. Produced as part of the Theatre Erindale Fringe Festival, 2001.

Elephant Dreams
One girl has a crush on Hannibal – the Carthaginian, not the cannibal – and the other girl has a  crush on her Children’s Literature professor. One find the apartment temperature too hot, the other too cold. Who will prevail? Produced as part of Project: Just Being, Ante-M Theatre, 2001

A griffin and a tesseract meet in metaphysical space. They sing, they flirt, they steal, they vomit and they try to figure out why they exist if they exist do at all.

Human Refuse
The Garbageman knows all the secrets of the people who inhabit the houses on his route. Usually he is keeps his distance along with these secrets but Sammi and Peg pique his interest.


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